Ellen – Career Analysis

Scorpio in front, showing us the woman. Leo, the house of leadership, showing us the career. WOW!

Using a birthtime of 3:30 AM (as reported on Astro-databank.com) gives Ellen a Scorpio ascendant. This puts her 10th house of career in the zodiac sign Leo, a very powerful placement for an entertainer. Leo is a strong, courageous lion. Lions like to be seen and heard. It is the perfect energy for someone who likes to be on stage.















We should also look at the placement of the Sun, the planetary ruler of the sign Leo and of Ellen’s 10th house. The Sun is placed in the third house of courage. This is another amazingly helpful trait for an entertainer. This placement would allow her very strong inner support for always continuing to get up in front of people and feel good about what she does. With this sort of support, I think it would be relatively easy for her to recover from those inevitable bad days which all of us run into. I think she would be able to pull herself up quickly.

In any career it’s important to look at whether one will make money in addition to whether one will be busy at one’s job. To look at this money let us examine both the second house of money and liquid assets in the 11th house of gains and rewards. Ellen 11th house is to Virgo which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury just happens to be placed in Ellen’s second house of money. This is a powerful combination because we see that the gains brought by her career will reward her financially. Indeed, this is been the case. Ellen has been extremely successful financially.

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