Ellen and Portia

Special magnetic attraction? Yes!

These two are quite compatible. Not only is there a natural attraction between these two the energy flow between them is also could. Their temperaments are very well-managed, and the mental energies complement each other. They are psychologically as well as sexually compatible. Their relationship is when it’s mutually beneficial and the relationship itself should enjoy a long life.

I can say all of this without knowing the two women. These comments are based on a relationship compatibility analysis. While here we are talking about a romantic relationship, compatibility analysis can be used anywhere we have two or more people together. It is very helpful in a work environment, and can help set up a cooperative sports teams.

Overall I feel that Ellen and Portia are quite compatible, and they probably get along very well in their personal life. In their relationship there is a natural energy flow which promotes the general welfare of them as a couple. In addition to this positive natural energy flow, there are several ways to measure inner harmony in the relationship and they have them.

The only serious complication that I see in the relationship has to do with a certain amount of energy that keeps them physically apart. Fortunately, both women come from a background in Hollywood, and are accustomed to traveling to different locations for work. I believe this professional understanding and their deep personal commitment to each other keeps things smooth between them.

These two ladies are well placed together. The happy photos that we see of them are genuine. This is not a couple that falls to pieces in the tabloids.

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