Will we get along? How well?
Should we date? Marry? Forget about a relationship?
Should we be on the same team?
Is there some way we can work together?
Why don’t we see eye to eye?
This other person and I have much in common, but don’t connect well. Why?

Life with other people has so many questions, doesn’t it? Things are complicated. You want them to work out, and wouldn’t it be helpful if we could predict if they will? Actually….you can!

That’s the good news. There IS help. Vedic astrology is a powerful tool for looking into our relationships with others.

Using tried and true techniques, the astrologer analyzes the energy flow between 2 people and makes recommendations. Some relationships are good for romance, some for working on projects, some for playing sports, some for spiritual practice. Do the right things with the right people – it’s one of the keys to happiness.

Let the team at Remedy Astrology help you see deeper into the people around you and your interactions together.