Remedies are one of the most powerful elements Vedic Astrology. In fact the teacher Dr. Baskaran Pillai says that getting remedies for problems is the main point of the consultation. Vedic astrology is a practical science. The remedies are ways to solve problems.

The staff at Remedy Astrology have been trained as remedy specialists by Siddha masters from India. We lead remedy sessions and can offer well-informed advice about practices that will change your life. The mantras, prayers (pujas, poojas), color therapy, mindfulness exercises, fire rituals, etc that we prescribe during consultations are powerful. Many can be performed by you at home. Some require a specialist and can be performed at a variety of locations which range from your local Hindu temple to service providers in India.

Learn more about your particular remedies by visiting our page on Celestial and Divine Energies.

Remedy Astrology has joined the staff of the Pillai Center and performs fire labs several times a month. Join by telephone and chant along using the mantra list provided for each session. To find out more, visit the San Diego Hope Center‘s web site.

Video of a fire lab (also called homa or havan or yagna)

Video of a prayer offering (also called puja or pooja)

No problem is beyond the reach of a remedy. A remedy is a precise set of instructions for communicating with the Divine, to ask for their help in intervening and solving difficult problems. Remedies are a bridge between the heavenly and earthly realms. They are an ancient and powerful science created to help us change.

Three fabulous quotes about remedies from a man instrumental in bringing them to the West, Dr. Baskaran Pillai:

  1. “Everyone wants change but unable to effect it. It is because the mind runs on the past karmic operating system. Reset with [the mantra] Tirru Neela Kaantaam.”
  2. “Problem: From a beggar to a millionaire, everyone wants to know how to make money faster.Solution: participate in Fire Labs” (aka fire rituals, homam, or yagyas).
  3. “Money should be used for the welfare of humanity. You can get results fast from fire labs.”

At Remedy Astrology we follow a traditional system of Indian astrology and prescribe traditional remedies. These remedies have been practiced for millennia in India. Really! In some of the oldest books, called the Vedas, the remedies are mentioned – that’s 5000 years ago. Well, that must mean that they work. Otherwise, people would have moved on to other things.