Some friends have generously agreed to share their stories.

I contacted Bhagavati for a general chart reading. This was my very first chart reading ever. She patiently explained the chart to me and showed me my Major Runs and what they mean to me, all the while answering a miriad of questions from me. She gave me advice on how to use my Astroved calendar, she recommended places I could find further information and she recommended a book to me to further help me. (which I have since ordered) She gave me all of the information that I asked for with kindness, humor and patience. I would not hesitate to contact her again.

March 2013


Consulting with Bhagavati was pure JOY! She has the most down to earth nature, but is also clearly connected with the Heavens. She possesses a deep knowledge of the planets and our connections to them. During my consultation I was so impressed with her gentle and thoughtful nature. Even when speaking about the ‘dark’ side of our nature, she communicated it with such warmth and caring. She is truly a compassionate being who loves helping people. I am deeply grateful for her services.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
October 2010


i got the remedies you recommended from astroved. i also decided to add the sun because i really need some relief from Him. i went for the whole shebang – all at once. nothing like a little something to shake things up.

in terms of feedback on the daily remedies you suggested, i finally have the words: pretty much across the board and for as long as i can remember, i’ve never really had much latitude in focusing my mind on positive stuff – in fact, it’s always been pretty easy to go down the primrose path with regards to negative crap and stay there. the other thing is that i’ve always had a pretty good level of anxiety about the future – it’s unknown, and so mentally, i could really imagine … some pretty fantastic stuff, and not all very good. as soon as i started the remedy, the anxiety was pretty much relieved and has remained so. i’ve also had greater latitude in stopping myself from focusing on negative stuff for too long – being more conscious and taking action to use the mind productively much more quickly than ever. additionally, i’ve been having more awareness of stuff that has been previously “over my head” in terms of seeing clearly. i’m much more peace filled. it’s vey nice. i’m causing myself much, much less drama!.

Los Angeles, California, USA
August 2009


I’ve consulted Remedy Astrology and found the service was thorough, insightful and most helpful. She gave me remedies to do and spiritual guidance, so I could soften my spiritual path and overcome the rough spots I was experiencing. It was very effective and I’m grateful for her gentle and positive direction.

As part of the consultation, the astrologer steered me to make use of the highly effective fire rituals through Astroved.com and a powerful mantra by Dattatreya Siva Baba. The end result was that I began to have more confidence, gained many more friends and enjoyed new opportunities of travel (out of the blue). It was a startling outcome, because it was so powerful. Her gentle and soothing demeanor wonderfully offsets her sharp insight to your problems.

I plan to consult with Remedy Astrology again soon.

Silver Springs, Maryland, USA
March 2009


I am extremely grateful for Bhagavati and her gift. After hearing the valuable information from my initial reading, I began the prescribed remedies and received amazing results immediately. Now that I have an understanding of the roles that the planets play, my relationships with the planets are stronger and result in a more positive outcome within various circumstances in my life.

Following the general reading, I wanted to put my focus on certain areas of my life that I was not happy with. I have been taking part in Bhagavati’s Fast Track Coaching program for several months. She provides me with the special hands-on astrological assistance that I needed to reach my goals.

As I continue to perform my remedies, my clarity and awareness sharpen. I have incorporated new ways to manage my finances and steer clear of legal turmoil that was on the verge of becoming a reality. This is in part due to Bhagavati’s expertise of the planets and their influences. In addition to her knowledge, her passion to help others live a much more desirable life is felt whole-heartedly through her words and her suggested remedies.

San Francisco, California, USA
January 2009


Remedy Astrology…I would really like to thank you for such an AMAZING Vedic Astrology reading!

The only descriptive term that comes immediately to mind when I reflect on the reading and the insights I gleaned from it, is simply…”WOW!”

You made so many accurate “hits” on issues that were/are directly affecting me, and because of that I felt comforted and assured that this reading was uniquely for me.

One of the aspects of the actual chart interpretation itself which I appreciated the most, was the manner in which you conveyed the details of my chart to me. Although you mentioned that there might be some pitfalls on the road ahead of me…I still felt it to be a very positive and uplifting experience!

The reading itself was packed full, with a lot of pertinent information Often, I find that this tends to overwhelm and confuse me…yet you delivered it in such an easy-to-understand manner, with a calm, relaxed and peaceful intonation, that it permits someone (like me) –with little or no background in astrology– to grasp an understanding and comprehend the implications of the information that they are given.

I have had readings in the past from other astrologers, but never have I felt so serene, peaceful and receptive while being told about the cosmic forces at work in my life, as I did during the reading you gave me.

Your predictions were of great assistance. Armed with just those predictions — along with other specific information which you conveyed to me during the reading — it provided me with the guidance I needed, which in turn was immensely beneficial in preparing myself for the ensuing difficult period of time that was ahead of me. Thank You AstroAnna!

With my deepest appreciation to you for the wonderful reading…

Christopher McCargar
Toronto, Canada
August 2008, refering to a consultation in September 2007


On my birthday, August 4th, as a gift to myself, I had a vedic astrology reading. The astrologer’s kindness to me was inspiring. She treated me as if she’d known me forever.

I found my reading and the astrologer’s explanation of the remedies to be so refreshing, knowing I could change my life through meditation and astrology.

Thank you, Remedy Astrology

New York, New York, USA
January 2008