About Vedic Astrology

Spiritual Science from India

Astrology is an ancient science. It has been practiced in India since before recorded history. It remains in wide use today. Everyone from government officials planning activities to villagers wishing to betroth their children visit astrologers. The methods that I have been taught and practice come from a long line of eminent scholars and practitioners, including historical figures such as Parashara and Varahamahira and modern teachers such as Dr. Baskaran Pillai, Ernst Wilhelm, Dennis Flaherty, and James Kelleher.

Astrology reveals the karmic patterns that underlie our daily activities and govern our lives. In our discussions we will explore specific questions you may have, look at your goals, investigate any opposition or hindrances to you reaching those goals, and look into tools to remedy problem areas.

Karma is an ancient word. It is action. It is thought. It is the life you are living at this moment. Karmas govern all areas of our lives. They are habits we developed or friends we made during previous lifetimes. Have you ever met someone and instantly connect with her? Very likely, this person is a past-life friend. Our jobs are karmic, too. If you are like most people, you have strong skills in particular areas, and weak ones in others. Your strong areas are probably skills that you have practiced before. Astrologers draw up charts of the planets, because these charts reveal the individual’s karmic tendencies.

All activities in our lives are governed by karma and time. If you have one without the other, things will simply not happen. People often wonder when they will meet Ms. Right, make $1M, or get the job of their dreams. The answer is “when the right time comes.” The astrologer will help you understand when that time comes. Rather than bang your head against the wall wondering what you should be doing to reach your goal, the astrologer can give advice. That advice might range from “wait for three months”, a time-based statement, to “that area of you life looks a bit weak and a remedy is needed to help you reach the goal”, a karmic interpretation.

The goal of the astrology reading is to help you live a fuller life. This comes in part by gaining perspective, that is, an understanding of where you are in the big game board of life. It also comes from understanding the reasons that certain things are easy or difficult for you.

Imagine that you are an individual who desires to have children. However, you are not in a relationship. Maybe you find meeting people challenging.

Could you imagine the relief you would feel if the astrologer gave you this piece of advice?

“You have quite a bit of creative energy and support for children in your chart. Right now there isn’t much support for relationships, so stop forcing yourself to go to those speed-dating events you despise. In autumn, after September, there is much more support for getting into a relationship. For now, I’d suggest you fulfill that desire to be with children. Do volunteer work. Be a tutor. Be a Big Brother. Children are so important to you, and you feel like you are missing something important. Bring them into your life now. When the time is right, you will have your own.”

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